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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: honeymoon-in-bahia-3HONEYMOON IN BAHIA 3
by Jorge AlvarezJobson is the most gorgeous stud from Bahia I've ever seen. I can't believe
he's just 14. He's 6'4, big muscles, smooth black skin, handsome manly face,
large Preteen Nude Toplist
eyes, sexy smile. And a virgin! His dad, Jair, has just fucked me and
asked me to introduce the boy to gay sex. I'm going to be his first male
pussy...My wife stays on the beach chatting with the other girls, also on honeymoon,
as their husbands leave for windsurf classes with hot Bahian studs. It's
Jobson's first class at the resort, and his first fuck too. I already know
how to windsurf, but I let him guide, standing behind me on the board.As we get away from the shore I get bolder, rubbing my big white ass on his
crotch. I feel his big dick getting hard against my smooth round buttocks."Jobson, I'd like to windsurf naked, is that ok for you?""Yes Mr. Turner, I like to do it naked too".We tie our speedos to the base of the mast and now, as he stands behind me,
I feel his thick hard shaft pressing against my butt."Stop calling me Mr. Turner, Jobson, please... I have a Brazilian
nickname...""I know. You don't mind to be called that? Xotao?""No, I love it. Say it again, in my ear...""Xotao... You know what it means? Big male cunt... Is that what you are, a
male cunt?""Yeah... I love to take it up the ass... Who Preteen Nude Toplist told you?""Dad. He told me all about you. And I watched him fuck you this morning, up
on the coconut tree. Damn,that makes me so horny for you... Xotao... I can't
wait to shove my dick up your white male gringo cunt...""Wait! Let me suck you first..."I Preteen Nude Toplist turn to the young black stud, kneel on the board and go down on his
enormous cock as he keeps windsurfing away from the shore, towards a little
island covered with palm trees. His giant virgin manhood is indeed larger
than his dad's and his uncle's.I thought that the twins Jaildo and Jair had the biggest cocks in Bahia, but
Jair's son is even bigger. The boy's enormous balls are now in my hands, as
I look up to the crown of Preteen Nude Toplist his colossal fucker, towering way over my head.>From below, it looks as thick as the trunk of a coconut tree, a hard,
smooth, glistening ebony obelisk, dripping precum from the open eye at the
tip of the mango-shaped head. I make the boy moan, sucking and slurping my
way up the giant rod.Jobson struggles to keep the windsurf flying over the waves, as I reach the
head and stretch my lips around the wide borders, tickling with my tongue
the underside of his throbbing glans. I wonder if the boy's really a virgin,
as he rubs his cock hard against my cheeks, fucking my face like a pro. I'm
making him horny as hell.I try to open my mouth wide enough to engulf his enormous dickhead, but it's
way too big. I pump the tip with my lips as I jack him off with both hands,
which are too small to close around the incredibly thick cylinder. I'm going
crazy with Preteen Nude Toplist lust for this boy.I feel the male seed boiling in his balls, rushing up inside the bulging
piston, blasting out in huge white jets that splash hard on my face. I try
to gobble up and swallow as much as I can, but he shoots gallons of thick
stud cream, drenching my whole body in hot cum.The gorgeous black boy shoots the windsurf board up in the air as he floods
my mouth with fruity Bahian cum. He tastes like mango and pineapple, guava
and rum. He gets me drunk with the essence of black male gunk.He lands the board on a gorgeous white sand beach hidden in a cove on the
ocean side of the island. It's like heaven on earth, just for the two of us.
He kisses me, tasting his cum in my mouth."Damn, Xotao, you suck so good, gringo...""It wasn't you first time, right?""No. How did you guess?""You know how to fuck a man's face. Your dad told me you're a virgin,
though...""I am, in a way. I mean, I've just played with my friend, but I haven't
fucked him.. yet...""Mmm, so you have a boyfriend...""Yeah. Pierre, the French boy, the son of the manager"."I know him. He's gorgeous. I'm already jealous...""Don't. After all you're going to show me how to fuck him, how to turn
Pierre into a male pussy, a Xotao like you... Every afternoon, he comes with
me to this beach and we watch the sunset together. But today, it's going to
be different..."Jobson leaves the windsurf on the beach and takes me by the hand to his
favorite spot on the island, a flat rock where the surf breaks gently. He
tells me to lie by his side, as we watch the waves recede, leaving small
pools full of sea life."Pierre and I, we lie here for hours, watching the little fish, the shells,
the sea urchins... look! There's a baby eel there... It's poking it's head
at that sea anemone... Come closer... Just watch..."The young stud presses his hot body against me, his hands slide up my thighs
and caress my naked butt. His big fat fingers find their way to my moist
asshole. I feel his gargantuan dick getting hard again. He whispers in my
ear, hoarse with lust."You see how the black eel shoves its head inside the Preteen Nude Toplist
anemone? It pokes it
like this, can you feel Preteen Nude Toplist it?"He's shoving his fat finger up my asshole, gently at first, then more
boldly. I ask him if that's a game he likes to play with his friend Pierre."Yeah, he likes that... His ass is white and smooth like yours, two round
ripe melons begging to be fucked... And he loves it when I shove my fat
finger up his asshole, he wiggles his tail and squeezes my digit with his
tight ring... Then I climb on his back, like this... Mmm, your back is so
strong and smooth, just like Pierre's. I put my dick between his buttocks
and shove it back and forth, deep in his crack, while we watch the eel fuck
the sea anemone...""Oh my god Jobson that feels so good... Keep doing it... Have you tried to
shove that wonderful cock of yours all the way up the French boy's ass?""Yeah, he begs me to do it... I have tried, but I guess I'm to big for him.
I need you to show me how to open him up... He's a virgin too, you see.""Mmmm, I see... Well, why don't you start by doing as the black eel there...
It's using its mouth to open the sea anemone, look... Yeah, you get the
idea... Go down on my butt. Dive between my buttocks, open my thighs...
Oooo... Yeah, boy, stick that fat tongue up my ass, come on... Eat my pussy,
stud..."Jobson shoves his face into my butt with such passion, I really feel it's
the first time he eats a male ass. He bites my butt cheeks, stucks his nose,
his chin, his forehead in my deep crack, spits on the rosebud and feeds me
his fat tongue, makes his whole mouth at home in my hungry male cunt."Ah Xotao you're so hot! I'm gonna shove my big dick up this gringo pussy!""Not so fast... You have to open it up first, remember? I'm not a virgin,
far from it, but I'm still too tight for your dick, stud... It's the
thickest I've ever seen... Now spit on my cunt... Yeah, give it a good
tongue bath... Stretch that bitch with your fat fingers... Wow, that feels
so goooood..."The horny black boy digs his way into my asshole with all ten fingers. He's
going crazy. He's taken over by the urge to make room in my ass for his
enormous male organ. He shoves one hand, then the other. He's looking for my
hot button and finally finds it, deep inside. He presses my throbbing
prostate and I start Preteen Nude Toplist
to cum wildly.Jobson fills his hands with my sticky cum and shoves it back into me through
the back entrance. I'm supposed to teach him how to fuck a man, but I don't
have to do much besides giving him full access to my male pussy. He's a
natural buttfucker, it's in his genes, he took it from his dad, from his
black ancestors in Bahia and Africa, who have been plowing white ass for
generations."Wait, stud! I have something to show you... When you fuck your boyfriend
Pierre, tell him to sit on your dick. Let me show you how. Lie down. Help me
sit on your lap... yeah... You're gonna place your big dick between his
buttocks, yeah... Then hold his white ass up... Tell him to turn his head
and look you in the eyes, like this... OH MY GOD, you're so huge... I'm
ready... Now... Slowly... Let my ass go down... It's so big!... Your fucking
dick... FUCK! OH FUCK! IT'S IN! The head is coming in... YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!"I scream so loud that all the seagulls, which were around watching us, fly
away in a frenzy. Jobson looks at me with eyes full of Preteen Nude Toplist lust. For the first
time in his young life his cock is entering another male body. His
monumental cock is making its way up my ass. He's killing me with pleasure
and pain. I raise my ass a little and go down again, getting another inch of
thick black dick up my hungry male cunt."Fuck, FUCK! Gringo, you're so fucking tight! I feel your pussy squeezing my
dick, so goooood.... I'm fucking you, Xotao, I'm fucking your male cunt,
white bitch, just like my dad does... Take it! Take my big black dick,
gringo slut... You love it, don't you?""Yeah, stud... I love your big black cock, oh my god, it's soooo huge...
Never had one so big... It's coming in... I feel it... Welcome home, son,
give your white daddy a nice hard fuck, boy... Yeah, YEAH, it's all the way
in! Now fuck the shit out of me, man, just fuck me!"I need not tell him. Jobson jumps up, holding me by the waist, pulls my
shoulders down and impales me on his giant weapon. The boy's so strong, he
carries me in his arms, pumping his cock in and out, enjoying his first fuck
like a grownup.He walks back to the beach, fucking me nonstop, throws me on the sand and
falls on top of me, piledriving his enormous cock in and out of my wide open
pussy. I squeeze my cunt to give him a tighter fuck. He growls and redoubles
his fast thrusting like a crazy piston, turning my hole into a tunnel for
his fuck machine.I've been fucked by thousand of men, mostly blacks like him, all well hung
and passionate, but he's something else. I don't know if it's the urgency of
his first fuck, or that he's so horny for my white ass, or maybe he's just
dreaming of taking the French boy's cherry, but Jobson is giving me the best
fuck of my whole life. He's totally in it, making his hot hard meat all
mine, becoming the master of my body through the conquest of my fuckhole by
his fabulous penis.He hits all the right spots Preteen Nude Toplist and before I know it I'm cumming like crazy,
pumping his cock with my wild male pussy, milking his dick with all my soul.
The stud boy can't hold it any longer. He grabs me tight in his powerful
arms, shoves his manhood all the way in and shouts in triumph as his furious
loads of hot cum blast through my guts and flood my innards. He's breeding
me as his own white male cunt, Xotao. That's me.He spends the rest of the morning filling my tank with gallons of cum,
experimenting with all possible positions, all new to him, getting ready for
the main act, later today, when he's going to use all his new buttfucking
skills to turn the French boy into a full-fledged pussy boy.We windsurf back to the beach, where my new wife is now close friends with
all the girls. The other husbands get back from their windsurf lessons, all
as flush with pleasure and as full of cum as I am, their black Bahian
instructors smiling wide from another great morning of plowing white male
cunts.Time for lunch!
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